14. Promote cycling as a safe and normal activity for people of all ages and backgrounds


This recommendation is grouped into the topic: Training and Education.

14. Promote cycling as a safe and normal activity for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Official Department for Transport Response…

Cycle safety is very important, which is why the Department for Transport has given £35m to improve safety at dangerous junctions across England and have helped local councils to design solutions appropriate to their local challenges, including improving their road infrastructure to encourage and support more cycling.

The small rise in the number of cyclists seriously injured may be due to the increase in cycling which has been seen in recent years and the Department will continue to progress initiatives to improve cycle safety.

Bikeability cycle training provides people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities with the skills and confidence to cycle safely and competently on modern roads.

Government is keen to do more to promote leisure and utility cycling along existing rights of way, and to reduce the red tape around the creation and maintenance of multi-use cycle routes so that we have better regional and national cycle networks. We will be arranging a summit in the autumn to consider how we can improve cycle infrastructure provision.

The Government is committed to turning Britain into a cycling nation to rival our European neighbours. This means introducing policies that will make it easier for everyone to cycle, regardless of their age or background.

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