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Most children do not cycle. We need to encourage young people to ride a bike as a healthy, active, cheap and fun experience and help them cycle as much as they can. Cycle training is a cheap and effective way of promoting activity that children can do outside school, can be integrated into sport in school and can help tackle childhood obesity. It is a skill that they will be able to use for their whole lives.

Despite the Government’s support for Bikeability cycle training (which was described to us as “cycle proficiency for the 21st century”),it is currently only available for about half of all school pupils in England, with even fewer being trained to level 3 Bikeability in their teens. It shouldbe available to all – as swimming is.

Better training at an early age will also train future car drivers to think bike and could have a long term impact on driver safety.

People of all ages should be enabled to give cycling a try, and particularly those we know cycle less: people with disabilities, ethnic minorities and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The Department for Transport’s own research shows that smarter choices measures of this kind are highly cost effective ways to boost cycle use.

Transport for London’s ‘Catch up with the bicycle’ campaign is an excellent example of how to promote cycling as stylish and aspirational, which anyone can do in their normal clothes. Cycling must become a normal activity, not a minority pursuit.


12 » Provide cycle training at all primary and secondary schools.

13 » Offer widespread affordable (or free) cycle training and other programmes to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to give cycling a try, as evidenced by NICE.

14 » Promote cycling as a safe and normal activity for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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  1. I have noted the names of approx 70 cyclist deaths in London since 2008 taken from newspapers and radio etc. where only the basic details are given . I would like to know the full story of each incident as it develops from first responder to police to coroner to court to final outcome and eventually any lesson that can be learnt ,including factors that may have contributed,of which there could be many. At age 72 and a lifelong pedestrian,cyclist ,motorcyclist, car driver (I choose not to own a car), HGV driver(in the Army) I go to great effort to keep things safe for myself while on the road (since 1954) -Yet under present conditions on the road I am still caught out occasionally by some near miss or blatant traffic violation. As a member of London Cycling Campaign, Living Streets & others I have read more than enough of Transport Plans from Government , TfL and Wandsworth Council etc. I hope Live long enough to see and enjoy the promised safe cycle routes and people friendly public realm. I am now looking at Helmet Cameras since too many offenders are still getting away with the excuse of “sorry mate ,I did’nt see you”. Regards – Bernd Williams

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