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It is striking that the places where best practice has been developed furthest, and the greatest successes seen, have been those where politicians at the highest levels have made an explicit, genuine commitment. To Get Britain Cycling we need vision and leadership from the very heart of government.

But it is not a task for central government alone. Local authorities and devolved administrations have an important role to play, particularly given their responsibilities for promoting public health. They also need to work with a huge range of partners in the transport sector and beyond.

National and local Government should designate cycling responsibilities at the highest professional and political levels, these being a major part of their job description and not simply a formal responsibility. There needs to be a commitment at local government levels particularly to sweeping away unnecessary barriers to implementation of suitable measures.

The Government should produce a Cycling Action Plan, drawn up with a wide range of partners and signed by the Prime Minister. This must include the roles of different government departments –the Home Office, MoJ, DCLG, DCMS, DEFRA, DfE and BIS all have key roles to play and should make clear commitments, not just leaving cycling within the Department for Transport.

This National Cycling Action Plan should have clear timescales and deliverables, and lead to annual progress reports, which should be published and debated in Parliament. These should include better data on cycle use, cycle safety and perceptions of cycle safety.


15 » The Government should produce a cross-departmental Cycling Action Plan, with annual progress reports.

16 » The Government should appoint a national Cycling Champion, an expert from outside the Department for Transport.

17 » The government should set national targets to increase cycle use from less than 2% of journeys in 2011, to 10% of all journeys in 2025, and 25% by 2050

18 » Central and local government and devolved authorities should each appoint a lead politician responsible for cycling.

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