2. Allocate funds to cycling as proportion of journeys done by bike


This recommendation is grouped into the topic: A new priority for investing public funds

2. Ensure local and national bodies, such as the Highways Agency, Department for Transport, and local government allocate funds to cycling of at least the local proportion of journeys done by bike.

Official Department for Transport Response…

Through the Integrated Transport block, the Department for Transport is giving a significant amount of money to local authorities enabling them to design solutions appropriate to their local transport challenges, including improving their road infrastructure to encourage and support cycling. This funding is not ring fenced and allows local authorities to decide and implement the solutions that best suit their localities.

The Highways Agency (HA) works with cycling organisations to provide parallel routes, safe access and crossing points to the Strategic Route Network. These schemes are funded within the HA’s portfolio of Small Improvement Schemes, on which the expenditure is approximately £50 million each year across the portfolio (3% of the HA’s operational programme budget of c.£2 billion).

Furthermore, significant junction upgrades and other improvements will help cyclists at locations on the HA’s trunk road network where major roads can prove an obstacle for journeys by bike. £5 million will be invested in upgrades at 14 locations over the next two years, and a further £15 million will be invested in 2015/16, with plans in place for many more similar schemes beyond that.

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