Submissions and Transcripts

The Get Britain Cycling recommendations came after several inquiry-led session by members of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG) in early 2013, which was part-funded by The Times newspaper, who themselves ran a campaign called Cities Fit for Cycling.

The APPGC stated in a tweet on 15 October 2013 that “the transcripts required too much editing and will not be published.”

On 17 October, Sir George Young MP, a member of APPGC stated in a letter:

“I have been in touch with the chairman of the above [APPG on Cycling], and it had been his hope to publish all the contributions, but there are hours of them and they don’t have the resources to do this. However, it was all in open session, and he will be publishing all the written evidence in due course.”

As of mid-October 2014 nothing further has been published by the APPGC.

Individual Contributions and Notes

Please see our INQUIRY SESSIONS AND WITNESSES page for further written submissions to the inquiry. Below are some of the statements and notes found through an internet search on the topic of ‘Get Britain Cycling‘.

The AA


Cycling Embassy of Great Britain

Living Streets

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