Reaction to DfT’s response

The reaction by various newspapers and campaigners to the UK Government Department for Transport’s response on 28th August 2013 to the ‘Get Britain Cycling‘ recommendations :

Related reactions leading up to the debate in Parliament on 2nd September 2013:

Clarification Received from CTC

The CTC article was headlined ‘CTC welcomes Government progress on cycling but far more is still needed’ and their newsletter ‘Cycle Clips‘, sent to CTC members and others last Friday, started with “Vive la révolution! CTC has welcomed the Coalition’s response, announced this week by Local Transport and Cycling Minister Norman Baker, to the ‘Get Britain Cycling’ report.”

A query was sent to CTC to ask why they welcomed the govenment’s response when so many other cycling campaigners had not. Roger Geffen, the Campaigns & Policy Director for CTC, replied on 2 September,

CTC never intended to give an unequivocal welcome to the Government’s “Get Britain Cycling” response. On the contrary, whilst genuinely welcoming the progress they have made in the past 18 months or so, we also made it very clear that we think far more is still needed – see CTC welcomes Government progress on cycling but far more is still needed.

Of course we were disappointed that, so far, the Government has only allocated around 1/10 of the funding that CTC, Sustrans, British Cycling, the All Party Cycling Group, the Times etc have all been calling for during 18 months of calls for David Cameron to show ‘leadership’ – see CTC urges MPs to back long-term funding for PM’s “Cycling Revolution”

On the positive side though, Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin MP himself said in the Times that the Prime Minister’s recent announcement was “just a start” and that “I want to do more”. CTC and our partners will now strongly urge him and his ministerial colleagues in all relevant Government departments to make good on this intention, as his officials start preparing the cross-Governmental Cycling Action Plan which is now promised for later this year.

Tonight though we are looking for MPs of both coalition parties, as well as those from the opposition, to call for that Plan to be as strong as possible. We hope they will urge Ministers of every department that should be helping to boost cycle use to back the Prime Minister’s stated aim for a “Cycling Revolution” with the serious policy, planning and funding commitments that this will require. Fine words now need to be backed by action.

Roger Geffen
Campaigns & Policy Director
CTC, the national cycling charity

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