Government Commitments

The Government’s response to the Get Britain Cycling inquiry can be boiled down to these main commitments (in response to the noted recommendations)…

  • DfT will be organising a summit later this year on cycling infrastructure which will focus on training for designers and practitioners (recommendation 5) (recommendation 14)
  • In his statement on 12th August 2013, the Prime Minister announced that cycling will be at the heart of future road developments (recommendation 6)

  • It is intended that the new [Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions] will be brought into force in 2015 (recommendation 8)
  • DfT Ministers are treating this issue (the risk posed to cyclists by HGVs) as a priority (recommendation 10)
  • Early in the New Year, the Sentencing Council (an independent non-departmental public body of the Ministry of Justice) will undertake a review of the sentencing guidelines for the offences of causing death by careless driving and causing death or serious injury by dangerous driving (recommendation 11).
  • We will work with stakeholders to assemble a comprehensive [Cycling Action] delivery plan for publication in the autumn (recommendation 15).


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