Phil Goodwin

Professor Phil Goodwin (Cycling Weekly)
Professor Phil Goodwin (photo credit: Cycling Weekly)

The Get Britain Cycling inquiry report was written by Professor Phil Goodwin. An interview with him was published in Cycling Weekly magazine – see HERE.

Phil Goodwin is Professor of Transport Policy at the Centre for Transport and Society, UWE Bristol, and Emeritus Professor at University College London.

He was previously Director of the Transport Studies Unit, an ESRC centre of excellence at Oxford University and UCL, a transport planner at the Greater London Council, and non-executive Director of the Port of Dover.

He was a member of SACTRA and co-author of its three reports on Transport and the Environment (1991), Induced Traffic (1994), and Transport and the Economy (1999).

He has carried out research for the DfT and other agencies on travel demand, transport appraisal, road and public transport projects, road pricing, suppressed traffic, smarter choices, wider economic benefits (and losses) and transport strategy.

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